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Our organization has two founders – Renee and Victoria. They met during a seasonal work-travel experience – summer camp! The two met in 2010 and have been lifelong friends and travel partners ever since. Together, they have over 25 years of experience working at camp and in the industry, including cabin counseling, sports coaching, staff hiring and training, program development, research, directing, and consulting. They truly understand the value of a seasonal work-travel experience and strive to promote this to young people all over. Renee and Victoria know how hard, but rewarding it can be, and want to help make sure participants have the skills they need to have the best experience possible, and to bring home new found skills and confidence!

What We Do

At GetSETraining we prepare young people partaking in cultural-exchange camp counsellor programs. We provide training on a variety of topics with a focus on pre-trip preparation. In an ever changing world we’ve seen a shift in the importance of different skills needed to be successful at summer camp. We focus on developing young people’s confidence and expectations through providing well-rounded training that incorporates holistic wellness, management of expectations, and practical skills to truly prepare them for the experience of a lifetime! The better prepared you are before you travel, the more confident you feel once you arrive, the more successful you will be, and the more you will be able to get out of your experience!

We also work alongside visa-sponsor agencies, and with summer camps, offering a range of different all staff and leadership trainings, camp planning and programming, and other research and evaluation services that can look at the effectiveness of your program.


To provide a new and proactive approach of quality, pre-travel support for international camp counselor participants through online and in person training, focusing on holistic wellness, management of expectations, and self-resilience.


To provide quality training and support to individuals, organizations, and businesses engaging in work-travel and cultural exchange programs.

Our Team

Victoria - Co-Founder

Victoria has worked in the experience industry, particularly in summer camp, in a variety of roles, including Sports Coach, Athletic Director, Staffing Coordinator, Program Director, and Researcher. She has a PhD from the University of Utah in Parks, Recreation and Tourism with a focus on youth and emerging adult development. She also holds Bachelors’ degrees in Education and Physical Education, as well as a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. With extensive research experience, she has presented at sport psychology conferences and multiple American Camp Association (ACA) National conferences. She is a Research Associate at the American Camp Association, heavily involved in research for the ACA Impact Study Projects and also serves on the Canadian Camp Association Research Committee. She is passionate about work-travel experiences and the incredible impact these experiences have on young people and shaping who they become.

Renee - Co-Founder

Renee has worked in the summer camp industry in a number of roles, including counselor, Ropes Course Director, Head Counselor, Staffing Coordinator, Resident Life Director, and Assistant Camp Director. She also has extensive experience interviewing participants applying on the J1 exchange program to work in the USA. Renee is currently working towards a Bachelor of Business Psychology, and holds numerous other certifications for staff training, and particularly staff mental health first aid, response and assistance, and working with children. As an Assistant Camp Director, Renee has recruited, planned and been an integral part of training large leadership teams, and teaching a camp staff of over 150 young adults for multiple seasons. Her plethora of consulting and leadership experience, running and coaching different children’s camps, programs, and other ventures in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, has allowed her to understand the positive impact youth programs have on many. As much of her experience is a by-product of the cultural exchange program, she is a true believer in the positive life skills, grit, resilience and life-long connections that are developed through the experience of many work-travel programs.

Des - Trainer

Des has come from a semi-professional sporting background, having represented his country in rugby seven’s, touch rugby and cricket. For many years Des ran a youth centre in Auckland, organising, umpiring and running a range of different holiday programs, after school care programs, and sports competitions for children, adults, and individuals with special needs. He also worked at a summer camp for many years, beginning as a general sports coach and becoming the Director of a senior camper leadership and extreme sport program. Des has also travelled around America coaching Football (American soccer) for UK Elite, and led children’s sports programs at daycares and primary schools in Australia. Des is also a certified personal trainer and has trained people of all ages and abilities in both the United States and Australia and helped them achieve their best, physically and mentally. As a natural born leader, with a wealth of international experience in coaching, training, and working with youth and young adults, Des is an asset to the GetSET team!


  • I have worked with Renee for multiple years, and within that time I spent a lot of time in one-to-one and group sessions with her leading. The advice and insight that she offered is immeasurable, and not only changed the way I approached certain obstacles, but how to adapt and become more aware of them in the future.

  • The leadership and mentorship qualities that both Renee and Tors show are both inspiring and exciting. The advice they gave out not only created awareness, but the morality and enthusiasm behind its origin was clear. This is evident in their teaching, speaking and mentoring as they share their experiences in a manageable, understandable and positive fashion.

  • Working with Renee changed me not only professionally but personally too. I was able to really understand how I reacted emotionally to certain situations, and then how I could apply that to both my professional experiences, but also my personal life.

  • Whether working with Renee and Tors for one day or several years, the experiences and advice they give out is extensive and alive with positive ways to not only be a better leader, but more compassionate and empathetic. This allows you to become a much richer person, as the passion that you see from them is addictive and created a sense that I was a part of something much bigger than I first thought

  • The energy and enthusiasm that I gained whilst working alongside Renee and Tors is something that is so far unmatched in any other professional interaction I’ve had. The passion, drive and love for what they did spilled out into sessions whether it was one-to-one, small groups or even large numbers, and the atmosphere they created is second to none.

    Their personalities not only exude into their work, but their ethics behind why they’re doing what they’re doing is admirable.

  • It’s hard to put into words how working with Renee changed my outlook on not only my working life, but my personal life too. I had been a relatively quiet and reserved person, but with her help, insight and continual advice along the way, I was able to flourish and become someone I never thought I could be. It completely changed my way of thinking. The enthusiasm she passed onto me, I make an active decision to pass onto other colleagues, and friends around me.

  • Victoria can help your camp get to the next level. She has a genuine love for camp and uses her research background to gather data that can be used to improve how camps operate. She’s received a national research award from the ACA, and is highly regarded in the camp and academic community.

    C. Wilson

    PhD. Researcher at YouGov

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