Staff Training and Camp Consulting

Staff Training and Camp Consulting

Global Seasonal Experience Training provides pre-trip preparation and ongoing training services to young people engaging in work-travel and cultural exchanges. Training focuses on building specific skillsets, as well as personal competencies and holistic wellness to ensure participants positively contribute to their work exchange and have a successful international experience. As this type of an opportunity allows for significant personal growth and transformation for emerging adults (typically aged 18-25), a successful and full completion of the cultural work/travel exchange is essential. Global Seasonal Experience Training assists and guides participants in preparing for, engaging in, and reflecting on this experience. We also offer camp consulting, program evaluation, and research services.

We offer services from live, in-person leadership or all staff training, to assessing specific aspects of your camp program to offer opportunities for advancement, including staff hiring practices, staff training and development, program development, leadership practices, and organization management (either remotely or on-site).

At GetSETraining we can help evaluate the effectiveness of your program and transform it to ensure you are registering the right participants and impacting them how you intend to.

Contact us for more information about our services, availability, and cost for services.

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