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Get Prepped

Primarily geared towards J1 visa participants, this weekly online training (running for 4 consecutive weeks) provides pre-trip preparation, details the experience for participants, and offers tips and tricks for post-work travel. This training will focus on working with children, holistic wellness and ways to prepare mentally and physically for the experience, building mental and emotional resilience, and recognising positive ways to navigate the sometimes challenging situations they will be faced with. Emphasis will be placed on the incredibly rewarding and growth-facilitating experience of hard work and travel.

Go-To Games

This is a one hour session that provides you with a range of simple games and activities to keep campers engaged and happy. These are easy entertainers that you can keep in mind for downtimes or transition periods (i.e. waiting for meals, transportation, before the next activity starts). Impress your camp directors and leadership team by already being prepared with these little activities!

One-on-One Training

Similar to the Get Prepped online training course, this program is customized to not only provide general pre-trip preparation, but also details about the specific, unique, experience participants will have, depending on the role participants will have at their summer camp. In this program the nitty-gritty aspects of the experience will be detailed and participants will benefit from extra advise and guidance. This option is perfect for someone who prefers one-on-one conversation and likes to ask questions to make sure they know exactly how to best get prepared for the work-travel experience of a lifetime.

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